Rose City Rollers

Rose City Rollers

“Rose City Rollers have been partnering with Bold Type Tickets for 14 years and counting; as we watch other services be overrun by automation, with no on-call support, we are even more grateful to have an independent ticketing partner that helps us with Covid related (and other) curve balls to our planning. They also work with us to come up with solutions for unique add ins to the system, like our gear sizing and waiver forms being built into the ticketing platform for our public skating events. Our guests enjoy real time responses from humans, not just an automated message sending them to an FAQ page.

We love Bold Type Tickets and are thrilled to launch *with them.”

— Kathryn, Event and Facilities Manager, Rose City Rollers

* Rose City Rollers is assisting Bold Type tickets with this launch, under a 3 year contract, and will receive a percentage of Bold Type Tickets revenue during that time. Rose City Rollers is a 501c3 nonprofit registered in the State of Oregon. Please reach out to with questions about this partnership, or to chat about the ticketing service.

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